Service and Repairs

Issues with your gear?  Stop by the shop for a full range of bike and ski service.

Bike Service - Ski Service





Simple Bike Tune (Single-speed bikes): $25

- clean/inspect frame

- clean/lubricate drivetrain

- snug headset/bottom bracket

- spot true wheels

- test ride


Basic Bike Tune: $50

- includes Simple Tune plus:

- adjust front and rear rim/disc brakes

- adjust front and rear shifters and derailleurs

- snug bottom bracket and hubs


Complete Bike Tune: $80

- includes Basic Tune plus:

- detail true wheels

- overhaul bottom bracket/hubs as needed

- shifter cables & housing replacement

Hourly Shop Labor Rate: $60

Box bike for shipping: $35

Assemble bike from box: $40




- align derailleur hanger: $10

- adjust shifter, test ride: $14 each

- replace cable, housing: $14 each

- install, adjust, test ride: $18 each


- install brake pads: $10/pair

- replace cable/housing: $10 each

- adjust front or rear, test ride: $12 each

- hydraulic brake bleed: $30 each

- true rotor: $14 each


Part Installation:

- replace inner tube: $6 + tube

- size, install chain: $8

- grips, pedals: $5/pair

- saddle: $5

- rack: $15

- computer install and calibrate (wireless): $15

- computer install and calibrate (wired): $20


- spot true: $10

- detail true: $20

- install spoke, true: $20 first, $2 each add’l

- adjust hub: $10

- overhaul hub/bearings: $20

- overhaul single-speed hub: $25




Hot Wax - $15
Stuck on Slow? Get Moving!
- Ironed in temperature specific wax
- Scrape and brush finish

Edge & Wax - $25
Sharpen & Glide
- Base cleaning
- Base & side edge sharpening
- Wax, scrape , and brush

Full Tune - $60
Complete ski tune includes: 
- Base Cleaning
- Moderate Base Repair using P-Tex and HRP Gun*
- Edging
- New Stone Grind Structure
- Hot Wax, Scrape, and Bush

*$10 fee applies to each Core repair after the 1st one.

DPS Phantom Wax - $129 Including Labor
Permanent Base Wax Solution
DPS Phantom Permanent Wax solution.  Permanent, one-time application, waxless base treatment that forever eliminates the need for waxing skis and snowboards.  PHANTOM’s patent-pending polymer technology offers ultimate convenience combined with great glide performance that never wanes across all snow temperatures, and for the life of a ski or snowboard’s use.

Binding Mount and Release Check - $60
Bindings Mounted With Care
Our professional staff will drill your skis and install bindings.
We need your boot to ensure proper fit including release value test. 

Binding Release Check - $25
Is Your Binding Releasing Funny?
The release check establishes weather the binding is adjusted to the boot sole length correctly. It also verifies the binding is releasing at the correct torque spec based on your stats. We need your boot to complete this test.