Service and Repairs

Issues with your gear?  Stop by the shop for a full range of bike and ski service.

Bike Service - Ski Service





Simple Bike Tune (Single-speed bikes): $35

- clean/inspect frame

- clean/lubricate drivetrain

- snug headset/bottom bracket

- spot true wheels

- test ride


Basic Bike Tune: $70

- includes Simple Tune plus:

- adjust front and rear rim/disc brakes

- adjust front and rear shifters and derailleurs

- snug bottom bracket and hubs



Hourly Shop Labor Rate for other services: $75

Box bike for shipping: $50

Assemble bike from box: $75



Hot Wax - $20
- Ironed in temperature specific wax
- Scrape and brush finish

Edge & Wax - $40
- Base cleaning
- Base & side edge sharpening
- Wax, scrape , and brush

Ski/Board Tune - $70
Complete ski/snowboard tune includes: 
- Base Cleaning
- Moderate Base Repair using P-Tex and HRP Gun*
- Edging
- New Stone Grind Structure
- Hot Wax, Scrape, and Bush

*$10 fee applies to each Core repair after the 1st one.

Alpine Binding Mount - $60
We need your boot to ensure proper fit including release value test. 

Alpine Binding Test/Adjustment - $25
Verifies the binding is releasing at the correct torque spec based on your stats. We need your boot to complete this test.